Judi targets the most strategic elements to work on for fastest results:
Improving Employee
with the right
systems and
Creating documentation & manuals so everything is consistent
  • You CAN have a business that allows you to work the hours you want and still make the money you need
  • You CAN have a business that lets you fulfill your promise to the customer AND enjoy your life
  • You CAN have a business where you can sleep at night knowing you have a plan that will work
  • You CAN have a business that you can sell and make your dream come true 



Correcting Performance Problems

Do you have an employee keeping you up at night?  No matter what you do they don't seem to get the message. Maybe they do the job right sometimes and other time just won't or can't. Maybe they have a problem you correct and then it returns again later.

Common Symptoms:

  • They keep taking up your time
  • They complain a lot (sometimes to everyone except you)
  • They keep asking questions about things they should already know
  • They simply won't do the work consistently

This is a frustrating situation. Employees don't understand that your business depends on them providing consistent service or work in a reliable way.

This package provides customized individualized planning on how to handle that employee that isn't performing as well as you need. This session is tailored to your specific situation. This is one-on-one; not a group session. You will leave with a written plan to address your employee including the exact wording to use when talking to him or her. Rehearsal sessions are included so you leave confident in holding the conversations.

My methodology is designed to deliver information in a positive way (so that you don't have to feel bad about holding this conversation) and provides the employee with precise information about how to succeed at work in a way that is meant to encourage and retain the employee.

What you get for a package investment of $995

  • An individual session tailored to your needs (up to 4 hours) to craft a plan for addressing this employee's performance problem. Rehearsal included. You will leave with the exact wording to use when talking to the employee.
  • Up to 2 follow up sessions of 1 hour each.
  • Quick email questions included.

This session may be handled face-to-face if within 20 miles of the Phoenix airport or by video meeting if not local.

Unlocking the Mystery of Employee Performance

This session is designed for small business owners who want to learn how to manage employees so that they serve the customer and produce results.  This private one-on-one session delivered by Judi condenses the most essential information on how to hold employee discussions into just two hours. It is designed with your busy schedule in mind. You will learn:

  • The steps necessary for holding the 3 most essential conversations you should have with all employees to have them produce results and feel aligned, equipped and empowered
  • The one thing everybody misses that you must say to make feedback positive and empowering
  • What to do when your conversation hasn’t worked
  • How to get employees to stop doing behavior that is negatively affecting your business

With this session you will receive:

  • A Two-hour private session explaining all the steps for employee performance conversations.
  • A notebook with the steps and information for holding conversations
  • Two short follow-up calls or emails included for specific questions
  • Up to 3 people trained at the same time

When Judi has delivered this material to corporate clients in the two-day format the fees are $2400.  For small business owners; Judi will deliver this program to you for $695.


Many entrepreneurs are working long hours and are not enjoying owning their business. One small business owner told me, “I didn’t know I was just making a job for myself.” When Judi met her husband, he hadn’t had a vacation in 10 years. After working with Judi, they started traveling; 20 days a year in the early days; and 50 days a year after they had built more structure in the business. (They now travel 90 days a year!)

If you want more time off; whether it’s for your hobby or more time with loved ones; talk to Judi about how to set up your business so that it works for you. You can’t capitalize on the value of your business unless you deal with the 3 challenges of growth: 1. Plugging profit leaks 2. Systematizing  your core business processes 3. Managing people’s performance so the business doesn’t depend all on you Contact Judi to show you how to create these essential elements in your business.

Training and Documentation Sets You Free!

Documentation and professionally developed training and documentation transforms your business from chaotic and wasteful to one that is predictable and efficient. This provides the foundation required to move from something you manage yourself to a business that is effective and efficient as it grows to any desired size.

With over 30 years-experience, and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, Judi can produce materials customized to your needs.


About Advanced Systems Designs...

Advanced Systems Designs, the consulting firm of Judi Pine-Sellers, is focused on using Judi’s 30 plus years of business experience to show small business owners and operators how to achieve their desired outcomes. Judi specializes in employee productivity and talent management.

She is committed to working with business owners who want to create a business where:

•  Employees are completely empowered and aligned with the business agenda
•  The business owners have a great sense of freedom, power and joy and
•  The company is profitable and growing.

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