Do you feel like this everyday? Chaotic? Overwhelmed?

Are you tired of working so hard?

•  Learn the specific steps to get employees to serve customers as well as you always have
•  Discover the secret of how to give an employee feedback that is positive, not negative
•  Learn how to set up people and paperwork so your business runs without you

Do you have a problem employee taking up all of your time?

•  You spend a lot of time addressing their concerns so you can’t focus on your own priorities.
•  You talk to them and they improve… for a few days.
•  You’ve tried everything and nothing makes a difference.
•  If this is happening to you, you may be missing a key step in managing your employee.  Managing employee performance is more than just telling people what to do; there are specific things you MUST say to leave your employee clear, committed, and completely ready to do the job.

Wouldn’t it be great if every employee…

•  Listened carefully
•  Fully understood what we meant
•  Took action immediately
•  Completed all tasks

It would be great but it doesn’t just happen that way. As you grow your business you do less direct work and your success depends more on the quality and quantity of work done by others. As a result, you need different skills: Communication skills, Influence skills, and Management skills to name a few. Most entrepreneurs are not trained in how to have conversations with employees; especially when things are not going well. But there is a way to hold employee conversations that are positive AND achieve the business results you need.

Finish this sentence:

If only I could get employees to….

Take a good look at how you finished that sentence. There is a way to accomplish that.  Contact Judi to set up a private skill building session where you will learn the steps to holding effective employee conversations.

Judi will help YOU make the transition from being a business owner who does everything…to a business owner that OWNS a company that successfully serves its customers and makes money – so you have more freedom and less stress!

About Advanced Systems Designs...

Advanced Systems Designs, the consulting firm of Judi Pine-Sellers, is focused on using Judi’s 30 plus years of business experience to show small business owners and operators how to achieve their desired outcomes. Judi specializes in employee productivity and talent management.

She is committed to working with business owners who want to create a business where:

•  Employees are completely empowered and aligned with the business agenda
•  The business owners have a great sense of freedom, power and joy and
•  The company is profitable and growing.

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